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Visual Artistic

Ordia Creative built this app from scratch,
up to version 1.0 on iOS and Android

VA Garment is an upcoming fashion label, having previously been featured in British Vogue, 1883 Magazine, Complex and the like and now,  turbulent and energetic as a storm, it's ready to hit the UK. The creators of VA Garment have detached from the stereotypical urban trends that flow throughout modern youth culture and designed an experimental construct that's explosively hitting the urban fashion scene. This experimental ingenuity led to the formation of a new trend in urban culture, redefining fashion from its own standpoint.

Even though the brand is relatively new, it's hitting the fashion scene hard. The creators' desire was to attend to the needs of customers who use a whole assortment of clothes throughout their everyday lives in different situations such as work, college, sporting and the like; customers who in today's world are ever more diligent in their activities. Such life schedules do not leave room for shopping activities that are time-indulging. We shared their point of view, and as such this is how VA Garment came to us.

Sharing an empathetic point of view

We set ourselves on a mission to fulfil our personal duty to help those customers with ever more hectic lives. Being constantly on the move, going to the store to make a purchase or using the web from a computer was not a valid option for them, and the current app design "web mirroring" philosophy wasn't sufficient in quality to provide the needed solutions. This is where we acknowledged the problem, and set ourselves on a journey to provide a better solution.

How We Made It

Making the online store even more mobile

Online retailers put a lot of time, thought and resources into their websites. But they often view apps as an afterthought, as if consumers only use their smartphones to shop if they’re not near their laptops. That may have been true at one time, but it’s certainly not the case anymore.

We created an app in which the clothes are the star of the show, and the fun of browsing, searching for and buying the clothes works in a way that users are already comfortable with.

For example, you can swipe through different items of clothing, rather than scrolling. We included a clear “Recommended” button at the top for those moments when you don’t quite know what you’re looking for yet.

The descriptions are short and highlight the name of the item and the price, and there are clearly defined boxes that provide instructions on how to make your perfect outfit a reality. Then there is the diversity of users’ platforms.

While every shopper is unique, each wants a seamless, easy experience, whether you stop in a brick-and-mortar shop or you’re using an app. Few things will ruin a store’s credibility more than if someone recommends the hottest new line...only to discover his friend is left in the dark because the app isn’t compatible with their smartphone.

We believe in developing an app across both platforms simultaneously to ensure a smooth experience on iOS and Android, which, for us, means building the app from scratch.

a closer look at design

Product details are kept concise and informative so the customer can review the products with greater ease; albeit the "More Info" option is available if the customer is interested in a specific product. This helps browsing efficiency yet does not divert the customer from the necessary information about any product, as it is always there.

Customers who truly understand the efficient beauty of the functionality of the app we created are most likely going to become regular customers, and because of  that, will most likely have an account for further purchases. This will make the "further purchases" process a dream-like ease, as all the detail such as delivery preferences will be set up and ready to go on the fly. We can say without a doubt that our app design will do nothing less than wonders for mobile revenues.

Supporting a store that’s more than clothes

With the new approach in app design, customers who want the best possible experience regarding efficiency and commodity are without a doubt going to utilise this new system for their betterment. With the polished effectiveness that the new app design system offers, customers are going to have an easier time browsing VA Garment wares, looking up products they prefer in detail and even taking advantage of any discounts or offers that they are going to be eligible for.

This form of a symbiotic relationship of mutual benefit is a win-win situation.


VA Garments is unapologetic and vocal about what inspires them and how they want to inspire others, and we wouldn’t want to have it any other way. In fact, we wanted to ensure that the UX and UI had the same effect on the app's users.

Don't fix what's not broken

We improved what was already functional. Wherever we saw contrast, we levelled it into one single flow of aesthetic efficiency. Wherever we saw duplicate operations, we merged them into one, more wholesome entity. Wherever we saw a flaw, we fixed it.

Besides the efficiency improvements, we also worked on the interface. We made it more clear and transparent, tailoring it to the needs of the customers in order to provide them with utility of commodity when using our product.

More than just a shopping experience

VA Garments has always offered its followers more than just a shopping experience, and we were determined to give shoppers more than just a list of clothes to scroll through. The objectives were simple: bring the striking, modern design of the clothing to the app itself, feed into the users’ expectations of convenience and ease, and provide a space where users could connect with VA Garments socially and become part of the movement.


Shopping is a favourite pastime around the globe, and fashion is an art made for the public. We wanted to offer an app that matched the universal appeal of shopping and fashion which meant it needed to be simple and easy enough that anyone could use it, but also offered the beauty and boldness of the VA Garment brand and those that wear it.

We are proud to have built an app that supports a store that is so much more than clothes. Through a mindful UI design and an intentional UX, we have built an app that truly works for all, brings fashion forward, and supports the artists who use their clothes to make a statement that changes perceptions and destroys stereotypes.

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