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We are perfectionists
An in-depth look

Bringing ideas to life.

Ordia Creative is a mobile and web app development company that creates definitive experiences for smartphone, tablet and website users. We follow a process of interactive and incremental design, development, and testing

Mobile App Development

Anything is possible

There are five steps to creating the perfect mobile app, designing elegant, practical and customised solutions and ensuring fault-free delivery and deployment. Let our expert team guide you through the process.

Discussion: to design the perfect app for your needs, we need to understand your niche and market. You’re the expert in your area: we ask the questions, but it’s your answers which will guide us to identify your audience and objectives.

We’re the experts in ours: we’ll explain the creative and technological possibilities and constraints, and provide solutions to any obstacles encountered.

When we’re exploring new technological or conceptual areas, we may suggest testing proof of concept to ensure everyone’s happy with the results before embarking on the design, development and delivery of the final product.

Road Map: after discussions with the design team have mapped out the shape and feel of your app, our Product Marketing Managers will work with you on a roadmap towards delivery.

This is the stage at which we determine what development resources we need to commit to your project and what third-party services might be involved, and map out the evolving requirements of your mobile solution.

Digital Storyboarding: We comply fully with best user practices, which include Smartphone and tablet specific user experience guidelines and rules.

Our development team will create an interactive visualisation of your app to demonstrate real-life user experience and test proof of concept, and all mock-ups will be sent to you for approval, discussion and, if necessary, modification.

Branding & Design: our expert design team, meanwhile, will be creating an elegant design perfectly adapted for mobile screens, whatever the resolution.

We can use your own Brand Book or start from scratch, encompassing any or all of layout, typography, images, logos and colour schemes. A core concept is created across several mock-up screens and sent to you to be signed off, after which it is extended across the app.

Development: our team of mobile developers now takes charge, running the app through several iterations of development before sending it to you for review and testing.

If additional requirements or objectives emerge at this stage, our Change of Scope agreement allows the teams to get back to work until the app completely realises your needs.

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Call us. Our expert team will transform them into practical and elegant solutions for web, mobile or desktop. Protection and maintenance guaranteed by our customised 24/7 monitoring and support package.

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Attention to detail

At Ordia Creative, we start with the users. User-centric design incorporates three basic and irreducible elements, namely ease of use, absorption of data via images and mobile-first development.

Ease of use: users want to find the information they need quickly and easily. Form and function both play a role here, and we employ a variety of testing tools and techniques to ensure users can learn their way round your app fast and get maximum use and satisfaction from it.

Images:  humans are visual creatures – we absorb data from images up to fifty times faster than we do from text and that means the images in your app are all-important. From wireframe to design to interactive prototypes, our design team combines creative flair with technological expertise to create an image-rich design customised to your brand.

Mobile-first: simply put, you want people to start using your app quickly, and in large numbers. That means mobile-first design, which enables user experiences on any device, anywhere, at any time, and gets your brand message out fast.

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Website development

Precision is a must

There are five steps to creating the perfect website, designing elegant, practical and customised solutions and ensuring fault-free delivery and deployment. Let our expert team guide you through the process.

Discussion: meet with our team to talk through the project: lay down a site map, outline project flow, set up mood boards, discuss tone and variety of content and list all the necessary assets. The aim is for both sides to leave with a good idea of the requirements, challenges and possible solutions for the design and development teams to take on board.

Blueprinting: our development team will set up wireframes of all the most important information and elements to come out of the initial discussions so we have a good idea of page layout and flow.

Design: getting down to the detail, our design team works on graphics, creating a mock-up of the home page aimed at the industry, preferences, and target audience you outlined in the discussion phase. Your feedback will be taken on board as the project grows through multiple design concepts and revisions until sign-off.

Coding: all Ordia Creative websites are coded using standards-based HTML/CSS to offer clients a product which is cross-browser compatible, fast-loading and search-engine-friendly. The content prepared by the design team will now be added to individual pages for your approval.

Deployment: once the static site layout has been signed off, we build up to the go-live date.

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Internet Marketing

Helping people find you

Ordia Creative’s experienced and committed internet marketing team advises brands on how they can increase website traffic and visibility, and gain higher search-engine rankings.

We ally creative genius with technological savvy whilst always complying with best practices and the most ethical internet marketing techniques.

The digital ecosystem is an ever-changing environment: our experts can guide you through it and introduce you to possibilities you have never considered.

Tell us what you need. We guarantee a prompt response.
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