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Line App

Ordia Creative built this app from scratch,
up to version 1.2.0 on iOS, and version 1.1.0 on Android.

Looking to have an eventful night?

It’s been a long week, and you need a night out! But long hours at work and tough deadlines have got you down, and your friends can’t decide what to do, either. We’ve all been there.

The entertainment and hospitality industries have changed the way people plan weekends and events with review apps like Yelp and TripAdvisor, and itinerary planners like Thrillist and Airbnb – but there isn’t an app yet that quickly and easily shows events that are happening as a user is searching, so that the moment they find something they like, they can walk or drive to the venue immediately.

But finding something to do is only half the battle. Even after finding the perfect concert or club to go to, some users start worrying about the long wait, whether there is a cover charge, and how expensive the drinks and food can be. LineApp wanted to eliminate all of the questions and excuses people have that keep them from going out and having a good time.

A meeting of the minds and the platform

The great thing about the LineApp team was their understanding of how their target users would operate. It’s well-known that people looking for a good time on the town want to see and be seen, and the event and tourism industries are known for being forward-thinking in their approach to technology. LineApp knows their users interact with apps regularly, so it was a breath of fresh air talking to people who speak our language and understand that mobile apps should not merely be an extension of a website. Instead, we all agreed early in the process that LineApp would be a state-of-the-art platform that would offer its users the best creativity and functionality an app could offer.

Ultimately, the LineApp team had high standards for their app and wanted to guarantee their user's data was secure, and their experience was uninterrupted. It was also important that the app would require minimal support and maintenance. They had a budget in mind, but they made it clear the quality of the app and the user experience were the top priorities.

How We Made It

A beautiful destination and exceptional functionality

We knew that part of the app’s purpose was to persuade users to go out and explore their city. In order for any piece of technology to be persuasive, it has to provide a smooth UX. What’s more, we wanted our events app to be a destination on its own.

The UI features high-quality B-roll at the banner and footer of the app, high-quality images as part of the navigation homepage, icons, and an animated contact form that all work together to entice and engage the user immediately. Rather than the app acting as its own entity, these videos and images of the city and its bars, restaurants, and venues act as an extension of the city. VIP service means no waiting – at the door or the bar. 

Once a user has found their event, they can view drink specials, read announcements
find out if or when a cover is required, and purchase packages that will mean less waiting and more partying. Each venue decides what information to feature, but this is an example of the type of package a user could choose and purchase:

• ENTRANCE - $15

Users will have the option to choose as many packages as they want, and once they have decided, they will be directed to the easy-to-use, completely secure payment portal. In only a couple of clicks, a user has guaranteed a night free of lines and worries.

Smartphones are the new photo booths, ticket booths, and so much more

At the end of the day, people expect to use their smartphones on a night out, whether it’s posting pictures on social media, group texts to get friends together, or a place to store and show their tickets. Our job was simply – quite literally – to make the app a one-stop shop for doing all the things a user would be doing anyway. The animation used in the app, the clear CTAs, form fills that provide a quick response, and high-resolution images accomplish just that.

A truly immersive user experience

The admin panel for promoters and managers is one of the most exciting aspects of LineApp, and it also provided some of the biggest challenges. After the service we partnered with to build a database for tracking sales and financials closed, we decided to build our own BAAS to give us control and keep the client’s budget in mind. Consequently, we had to rewrite a lot of code to match the new back-end we created. In the end, it worked out because we successfully developed the functions needed and avoided going over budget.

Another challenge we overcame was translating the English inside the app into Portuguese. Once we accomplished it, it was extremely rewarding to see LineApp’s vision and offerings become available to users across the globe.

Everyone is invited to the party

The last thing we wanted to happen was for two friends to be on their way to an event, and one be late or have to frustratingly wait in line to show a ticket because the app wasn’t compatible with their smartphone. Talk about a bad night. The app is fully functional and highly visual in both iOS and Android. Given the choice, we always choose to develop them simultaneously. We do this to control the quality of the UI and UX, especially the graphics.

An experience worth sharing

LineApp has something for everyone, especially for the people who make sure everyone else is having a good time. The app enables promoters and event managers to engage users directly through posting about daily and nightly events, alerting users to any scheduling changes, and enticing users with special offers. It also allows promoters and managers to respond to reviews and messages directly from the app, ensuring quick communication.

No more waiting in line

We were so excited about the idea of no waiting, and reducing the carbon footprint by going paperless, that it’s in the name! Not only does the app cut down on endless lines at a stadium or concert hall by allowing you to order the ticket on the app, it delivers, stores and displays tickets in the app as well. Some events will also allow VIP and early check-ins for a full red carpet experience.


It’s already a success to have users love an app so much they talk about it, but we wanted LineApp to go a step further. In the same way that Venmo revolutionised the way people pay each other and has become a type of cultural phenomenon, we designed and developed the app to be a space where people forego event and ticket websites entirely and encourage their family and friends to do the same. The sleek design, simple navigation, virtual ticket booth and social check-in feature will provide a destination that people will want to stop and explore together, not simply talk about.

From the anticipation of seeing your ticket on the screen, to meeting up with your friends throughout the night, and planning your next adventure as the night ends, LineApp is something a user takes with them every step of the way – through all the planning, socialising, purchasing, and memory-making.

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