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Ordia Creative designed this app from scratch

The procedures for employee recruitment and becoming employed have advanced since their initial form – but it is still common to undertake exercises such as form-filling, phone or skype calls and test work periods that are exhausting and not really effective. Employees are looking for a new page in the book of life, while employers are looking for fresh workforce in their business, regardless of whether the work is manual, intellectual or creative. It is imperative that both employers and employees are compatible and in compliance within the working parameters.

This imperative so far could truly be met by having the employer take on the employee for a trial period at first to see how he or she performs. This mechanism of "trial and error" requires money, time and energy, and if the employer decides not to continue after the trial period, regardless of the reason, in retrospect it renders the initiation process a failure. And so the procedure begins again. Bearing this in mind and being fully aware of the situation, we set off on a mission to design Screelo.

Matchmaking isn’t just for dating

Screelo is an app which provides a new and improved method of business relations and recruitment. It facilitates a better presentation by the employee and a more broad understanding of the employer by the employee. This reduces recruitment time, narrows down search options for both sides of the business and, ultimately, leads to building a stronger employer-employee relationship which is usually the backbone of efficient communication between people in any business. Plus it eliminates the "trial and error" process as much as it's achievable, insofar as Screelo allows the employer to already have a reasonable understanding of the possibilities, working characteristics and working ethics of the employee before employing, making a tough decision easier.


A big part of the internet is about connecting people

Any social media out there can prove the above statement about mutual connection, regardless of whether it's for casual socialising, dating media, special interest groups or some other purpose.

But an interesting part is that all of these platforms use the same algorithms to group people together – the secret is comparing interests, abilities, requirements and such and informing people that other people like them exist so they can get in contact.

Screelo does exactly that – in its interface there's a built-in matchmaking system which allows a more efficient recruitment, and as such it creates more business opportunities.

Even people who don't really have a working experience or background still have working abilities, skills and interests that they can list which makes the employer's job of finding the desired candidate easier and more reliable.

It's a win-win situation for both parties who are willing to utilise the benefits of the app.

Going beyond the  rudimentary process of online applications

Online applications mirror the recruitment process that utilises paper applications, and as such, they mirror the same issues. Screelo's idea was to go beyond rudimentary mirroring and set a new blueprint for quality and efficiency in online business recruitment. Many people today who come out into the world ready to embrace it, wanting to become productive members of society, already know in great detail how to present themselves with the use of images, videos, written CVs or resumes.

The importance of personal expression and representation

Many social network sites such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn follow the same design philosophy background from which Screelo was created. Many online job application sites have the whole "self-presentation" process boiled down to a mathematical and a robotic state, having things such as "Level of education" and "Working background and experience" above all.

But people are not robots, and simple numbers or tags are not a good representation of them as a whole.

"Real People. Not resumes."

When applying for a job, people need to express themselves personally, to present things that cannot be tagged or numbered – they need to share something precious, something they value as human beings. That is why we wholeheartedly share the same point of view, which is contained in Screelo's slogan: "Real people. Not resumes."

Platform consistency and interface flexibility

Taking its purpose into consideration, it was important that Screelo was accessible so everyone who wanted to dabble with its functionality would not have issues implementing his or her needs and desires. This is why first of all, Screelo was designed for both Android and iOS platforms. It follows naturally that Screelo will need a wide-ranging audience in order to mutually improve the functionality of the app, and consequently cause it to fulfil its design purpose more efficiently (which is to build better business relationships between people).

A sense of consistency

When it comes to our part, the design philosophy behind our interface design was simple: "Smooth, refined and easy-going". Not only is the interface refined to the point of transcendent flexibility, but its aesthetic appeal is also unmatched. Having met both parameters by our standards, we are proud to say that while designing the interface we outdid ourselves. The combination of its refined function, platform consistency, beautiful aesthetic appeal and interface flexibility has made Screelo today what it truly is – a masterpiece.


The design philosophy behind Screelo was driven by the aspirations of people who saw a flaw in the system and wanted to refine, improve and ultimately fix it. As mentioned, online application sites mirror paperwork application procedures and endure the same flaws. Their robotic design was counter-intuitive to the mentality behind which people who seek to become employed or to employ go to such media in the first place – to authentically express themselves in hopes for a better future in a way that will make them feel more like human beings instead of robots filling up vague resumes, as if solving a sudoku puzzle.

Screelo has set the chore part of the application process to a minimum and with its ingenious design creativity instead focused on the fun part – allowing people's voices to be heard. Authentic applications by employees and presentation by employers help build stronger and more lasting business relationships between people, which is one of the ingredients of the recipe for a high-quality, efficient and communicative business. It's efficient, it's functional, it's aesthetically pleasing, it's easy to use and most importantly – it's fun! It really doesn't get better than that.

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