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We have rebuilt this website and will update this case study shortly.
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Carnivals are an important phenomenon as they thrive on the spirit of the people participating in them, and on the accessories that are incorporated to help people truly feel alive in their exhibition of public elegance and glamour. An important part of the phenomenon that is carnivals is the masquerade – the feeling of losing your individuality. It is complemented with the assortment of accessories people use to both mask and lose themselves. Stockings are a big part of the masquerade.

Carnivalista went out on a mission to improve what was already there, in retrospect redefining the way we look at stockings. Carnivalista wanted to provide every woman with the applicable carnival stocking so that they could look their best at the scene. The assortment of products on offer are designed in a way that enhances the natural skin tone of the user. As success came, Carnivalista's web service needed an effective, more efficient and innovative way to do that. As a problem solver, we at Ordia Creative tended to their needs.

How We Made It

The Context and Challenge

The quest to find a Robin to their Batman had begun. The story from here could have gone down several different roads. Until this past decade or so, e-commerce was scarce and almost mythical. People were all too familiar with brick and mortar businesses. Websites used to involve merely a few buttons. Because this older way of thinking prevailed, website development and growth felt stagnant – innovation could not thrive as it was trapped within tradition.

This kind of thinking and approach may have contributed to Carnivalista’s challenges and made life more difficult for businesses. However, after the experience of being cast underneath this shadow, we have been able to create a brand new way under a brand new light – to provide that glimmer of hope. Our team dares to dream bigger and bolder, to look forward and upwards, and to see the highest of highs when it comes to realising

what mobile development can truly achieve: an immersive and amazing user experience. We help customise and build fresh ideas out of what customers find useful and valuable. Through this process, we have discovered that nothing is impossible. Growth happens when you bring in the best user experience – on the web and on your mobile device.

When we met Carnivalista, an “aha moment” struck us like a lightning bolt from the sky. Carnivalista’s limiting web-centric approach to solving carnival clothing challenges was stifling its mission to help customers wherever they were, and we were looking for a partner who shared our desire for web excellence, mobile friendliness and customer-centric vision. Together, we sat down and swept away everything the status quo had taught us in order to rediscover and reimagine the ultimate user experience. Here is what we created and built together.

The Process and Insight

One of Carnivalista’s foundational principles is to leverage costumers’ buying power to fuel business and continue delivering the best products for every consumer. By making the process easier for Carnivalista and its customers to find each other, we give them a compelling reason to interact. This powers and pushes commerce forward.

For consumers, the largest barrier to usage and adoption was adjusting from the complexity of the web to the simplicity of the mobile experience. We’re here to transform businesses into a much more functional and elegant design, to create the best web-browsing experience possible on any device.

The challenges behind learning something new

We understand. Consulting an owners’ manual is the last thing business owners want to do.  They simply don’t have the time. That’s where we come along. We engineered Carnivalista's website to be as easy to use as possible. By eliminating complicated hurdles, businesses become more powerful because they’re more accessible.  By providing data reports and analytics, we’ve closed the loop on marketing so that they can view exactly what works and what doesn’t – all at the push of a button.

Now, with the elegance with which you can navigate the website, browsing carnival stockings is child's play. The vivid presentation of the quality products, the in-depth details available and having plenty to choose from, makes the customer’s browsing experience a pleasant one.


Experience is derived from design, and elegance from its aesthetic appeal. While designing the site, we wanted customers to feel the same energy, extravagance and glamour using the site which they would feel at the carnival itself.

How does our approach add value?

Genuinely good design enhances our experience. It undeniably makes our lives better. It shouldn’t be complicated. It should feel streamlined and smooth, and this is precisely what we wanted Carnivalista’s website to feel like to its users. The smooth finish extends seamlessly – to deliver the best experiences possible, to engage consumers, to grab attention in the moment, and to integrate social media in new ways.

Bringing it all together

The impressively simple user interface makes life easier. Brilliant simplicity sheds light everywhere throughout our interfaces and washes away unnecessary, duplicated effort.  Wherever we found multiple contact forms when only one would suffice, we reduced them. Where there was a lack of direction and clarity, as we found with simple numbered buttons in the navigation bar or scattered entry boxes, we reimagined it with fewer steps paralleled with far greater impact. With an added Content Management System (CMS), we made controlling content simpler and easier for the Carnivalista owners.


In the end, there were a number of ideas that our teams absolutely loved. However, not all of the ideas made the cut. Why? Because we put user experience first. Not all of the ideas resonated with the consumers. Filtering out noise and finding the best ideas helps us make our product even better – allowing us to create something that’s extremely effective and elegantly designed. This solves a fundamental business challenge. A better user experience means more user engagement, and more engagement means more scope to nurture relationships with customers.

In many ways, creating a website is a bit like bringing life into our internet world.  Each website’s soul comes with the realisation that it needs to evolve and mature on its own.  We’re happy to see that Carnivalista has grown to be incredibly successful, and we feel privileged to be a partner in building their online business, which we believe has so much potential for even more rapid growth in the future and well beyond. 

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